Yeast Specification Details

SkotRats Yeast Specifications

Commercial Provider: Wyeast

Catalog Number: 1272 American Ale II

Yeast Type: Ale

Delivery Method: Liquid Yeast Strain

Notes: Fruiter and more flocculant than 1056

Flocculation: high
Attenuation: 72-76%
Ferment Temp: 62-72°F

Commercial Source: Source: Speculation is Red Tail, Mendocino Brewing. George Fix mentions that this is a strain of Canadian origin, and is also used for Anchor Liberty Ale. Note: previous speculation was that this was the Rogue PacMan yeast, but Rogue has said it is not, although 1) Wyeast does have a culture of the PacMan yeast and 2) the porter and stout do contain the fermentation strain. (thanks Jeff McNally for digging into this) - Source data compiled by: Scott Murman and Scott Abene. Used with permission

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